The Potager

The Potager

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Funday - Garden Treasures

I love having things in my garden that are not growing. You've seen my chickens. 

(from two years ago, joined by chicks last year)

This year I was a Home Depot and found a Rooster Wind Chime! Just what the Potager needed!

Then my husband made this cute little garden gate opener!

So imaginative!!!

Then for Easter he gave me a basket! I had seen this basket, called a Veggie Hod on Runner Duck Resources and sent it to my husband with a note "We need to make this!" He then made his version of it and I love it.
It is made mostly of cedar, has a wire basket so I can hose the dirt off veggies before bringing them indoors, has feet to keep fresh picked veggies off the ground and a maple handle using a piece of maple hubby got from my Dad's shop before he sold it. How sweet! I cannot wait to use it!

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  1. He is very good at his art. You should have him make one and do a give away, I would even buy one, lol!