The Potager

The Potager

Monday, March 18, 2013

No peas this weekend

I look forward to Saint Patrick's Day as the beginning of direct sow gardening. I usually plant my peas, spinach, arugula and other cold loving vegetables.  The vegetables may love the cold, but it was bitterly cold this weekend. I had no desire to try and plant anything.
I don't know if you can see it, but that is frozen snow. Hard, icy and cold.  No accumulation, but Saturday's weather was horrid.  My youngest daughter and I checked out Bridal Shower sites for my older daughter's upcoming wedding and then drove up Route 35 to see how the Sandy recovery is going. (Not too well, sadly. There is just so much destruction.)
Sunday was bright and sunny, but bone chilling winds made it a "go out to lunch and browse the book store" kind of day, rather than a play in the dirt kind of day.
So I'm already behind.
Mother Nature, however, keeps perfect time. Gentle reminders that Spring will be here with it's warm plantable days.  And the peas, spinach and arugula will grow if planted one week later.

"Every year it seems to me I hear complaints about spring. 
 It is either "late" or "unusually cold," "abnormally dry"
 or "fantastically wet," 
for no one is ever willing to admit 
that there is no such thing as a normal spring."-  Thalassa Crusso

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  1. Here no direct sawing... it's too cold, birds are eating anything they can find, lot of NEwind, my potager looks about the same. Hoping for better temperatures :-)