The Potager

The Potager

Friday, October 18, 2013

Hello,....did you miss me?
It has been a busy summer, and now look! fall is upon us.
The marigolds have taken over the garden.
 They are spilling into the paths and should be cut back, but I am letting them have their last hurrah. They are so pretty.
We are still harvesting cherry tomatoes, but the larger tomatoes all succumbed to cooler temperatures and died away.

The peppers are still producing, as is the lettuce and the Royal Burgundy Bush Beans.
We still go into the potager daily to harvest these and fresh herbs.
It is such a pleasure to have these fresh vegetables to put into our fall stews and soups.
The beets I planted did not do well and none of my radishes came up.
I think my soil may need some serious work.
Unfortunately, I had another surgery, a minor one, that is prohibiting me from lifting, so garden work is being pushed off again.
The swiss chard is doing great. We are just tired of eating it!
The flower garden is quite over grown, with flowers obscuring the path. But it has it's own end of season charm, so it is being left alone for now.
The fall garden should be very productive, but this fall gardener gets behind every year. I really don't mind my neglectfulness. Overgrown and neglected seems just right this time of year.

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  1. Your garden is always so beautiful. I'm always happy to see recent photos of it!