The Potager

The Potager

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Garden Funk is over

I was so upset that I lost most of my tomatoes to blight. Then my cucumbers got something - all the leaves turned brown and the cucumbers on the vine shriveled up. Then the squash I planted later got squash worm borers anyway ( I thought I had planted them after their laying season, but that information was incorrect!). I turned away from my garden.  Literally. I haven't been in it other than to pick herbs and an occasional green pepper in over a week.
So tonight I was making soup for dinner (it's not cool here, I just had a roasted chicken I needed to make into something else) and wondered if there were any green beans left alive in the garden.
Oh yeah! In my absence the green beans that were struggling exploded with beautiful and tasty beans.
The turnip seedlings, that looked dead the last time I saw them, have quadrupled their size!
I have lettuce! Not as much as I planted, but there was none the last time I looked.
And a lone radish (I have no idea what happened to the other radish seeds)
And on those tomato plants that I trimmed back to within an inch of their lives, there is a non-blighty, healthy looking tomato!
There's even some cucumber recovery!
I guess my garden and I just needed a break from each other!

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