The Potager

The Potager

Sunday, November 27, 2011

November Garden

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

The November garden is stark and bare, with almost no growth to bring me in daily. But there is a bit of life still clinging. The strawberries are still green and lush beneath their layer of straw, promising yummy berries come Spring.

The Roses, which will be moved in early spring, still show signs of life, although the leaves tell a different story and are falling off the branches rapidly.

There are a few red onions that summered over and decided to start growing in the fall. The turnips are still growing.

And one lone head of lettuce that didn't get the frost memo. It's not big enough for a salad for one, and I wonder if I can keep it going with frost protection until it is big enough to eat. Or is that just a waste of time.
The Perennial/Herb garden is bare too. Most of the perennials have died back, there is garlic and shallots planted in the former squash bed, now covered in wood shavings to protect them.
Most of the herbs are still growing. I picked most of the sage to dry it, so the poor plant looks skinny and half dead, but it's still producing green sage leaves. The parsley is surprisingly still growing well. I don't think mine has ever lasted through multiple frosts and a little snow storm before. The Rosemary will hang on until the temperature drops too low, as will the thyme. The oregano and marjoram are still green, and I don't think they lasted this long last year.
Tiny flowers still bloom unexpectedly. What a delight to find them.
Lenten Rose 
Miniature Rose

Inside the house, the carcass of the Thanksgiving turkey is slowly turning into a rich broth, simmering in a pot along with herbs freshly picked. Soon the turnips pulled up this afternoon will join some fresh store bought organic vegetables and make a lovely soup for a November dinner.  


  1. Your garden looks so nice and clean. Mine is looking like something out of Sanford and Son right now -- with a cold rain set in to keep me from cleaning it up. On the upside -- I've got the turkey carcass simmering also on the stove.

  2. Debbei-

    I know that the potager looks bare now, but there is still something beautiful with the bare lines of the raised beds. And now it is just a bunch of potential for "the garden - 2012"! Your turnips look great too. I have never grown them but they just might be on the 2012 "to-try" list.