The Potager

The Potager

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Historic Longstreet Farm

What a beautiful day Saturday was! It felt like an early fall day rather than an early August day, so hubby and I put the top down a drove up to Historic Longstreet Farm in Holmdel, NJ. It is a 9 acre living history farm that is part of the Monmouth County Park system.

When we arrived they were putting the mules out to pasture - or at least trying to. The mules had other ideas.

These beautiful 5 year old mules ran around the corn field like it was their own private race track.
Eventually the mules went into their pasture and all was well. It was an exciting start to our visit.

The cows were still in their stalls.
I fell in love with this little cutie.
Isn't she sweet!

There were all kinds of cute little farm animals....
a peacock

a very sleepy pig
a pair of draft horses

But I wanted to see the vegetable garden!
Egads! No self-respecting 19th century farm wife would have such an un-kept garden! Her family would have starved. I know the park department relies on volunteers but couldn't they find any volunteer gardeners?

Well that was a disappointment. Also the house didn't open until noon, and we were there when they opened at 10, so I didn't get to go into the house.
But the summer kitchen was open to view, and I do love to cook, so I thoroughly enjoyed that.

What a beautiful stove. I love the open shelf with crocks and jars and the hanging tin cups. I am not sure how authentic this all was, but it was cute and fun to look at.

I thought the folding table was a good idea. And the ornate clock was a bit out of place, but  I guess the cook would need a clock, so... maybe.

Next to the summer kitchen was a room where they would do laundry.
I thought it was a bit dirty for a laundry room. But I was so happy to see the wash boards.

I have wash boards in my own laundry room. Things of drudgery years ago, but they make me smile.
The park staff dress up in 19th century garb.  They have different activities and demonstrations through out the year.

That afternoon they were going to have park visitors help them dig up potatoes from this potato field.
The cat was ridding the field of moles in advance. The woman walking there told us that the horses will plow up the potatoes and the visitors can pick them and take them home with them. I told her I had my own potatoes to get home to.
And I really did.
Hubby went to Columbus Flea Market last Thursday and bought me a garden fork with non-sharp tines. I'd been wanting one for a while. I was so thrilled.

I used it to gently loosen the dirt under some potato plants.
It worked perfectly!
We had a good bunch of fingerling potatoes for dinner. No horses required!
All in all it was a lovely day. In spite of it's minor shortcomings, I would wholly recommend you visit Longstreet Farm if you have a chance. There is no admission and it is a great way to spend the day. The farm is surrounded by beautiful Holmdel Park which has plenty of trails, grassy fields, a pond, an arboretum, and picnic areas.

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