The Potager

The Potager

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Summer's Winding Down

The harvest basket is less full. A lot of basil to be made into Pesto for dinner. Some cucumbers that should be pickled before they go bad in the refrigerator (oops - did I let that happen?), a few tomatoes and wax beans. Summer is winding down.

Now we sit in the garden in the evening and it gets too cool for us well before it gets too dark or too buggy. The eggplant has gone into the compost pile and will soon be joined by some other plants that have stopped producing. The tomatoes are hanging in there, but I have been looking for recipes using green tomatoes to be safe.

But the peppers are going strong and the seedlings are looking good. I have never tried a fall garden, so this is an experiment for me. It's all about timing - did I get everything in on time? Did I calculate the first fall frost correctly?  I am no expert, but I am having so much fun learning!

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