The Potager

The Potager

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Frosty Surprise!

I blame it on politics. I am so sick of political ads that I stopped watching the news. That translates into I didn't listen to the weather forecast. If I were a bit smarter, I would have checked on line, but no one has ever accused me of being smarter.
So at 6:00 AM while cooking breakfast, I casually glanced at the indoor-outdoor thermometer and almost dropped my eggs on the floor - 30 degrees! 30 degrees? What?  I dashed outside to find my lettuce coated in frost. I couldn't take photos at 6:00 AM (for those of you who are never awake at that time, it's very dark out), so I went back after the sun came up to show you my horror - of course it wasn't as bad by then:
 The beet in the top photo will be fine. They don't mind some frost, but my poor lettuce. I lost a bit, but most of it seemed to be salvageable The basil however:
Goodbye Basil.
It was cold all day and they were predicting more frost tonight, so when I got home from work , I harvested all of the lettuce.
That's a lot of lettuce! I washed it all and spun it dry and packed it airtight into a zip-lock bag. It will keep the rest of the week. But first I made a salad with my potager lettuce, radishes and tomatoes - a gardening season goodbye - oh so good!
Job 38:29 From whose womb comes the ice?
   Who gives birth to the frost from the heavens


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