The Potager

The Potager

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ah, there you are!

I love coming home from work to daylight! The days are getting longer and the snow is melting from the Potager.

I took a walk around the Potager to see if winter did any damage and found some signs of life instead!

This is the greek oregano. I wonder if it's still usable?

I need to move this plant this spring. It is from the mint family and it looks like it could take over the whole garden!

Parsley is a biennial which most people grow as an annual. I wasn't planning on leaving it there, but the first snow came right after Christmas and it's been under snow ever since. Some of it still looks edible. If it perks up this weekend when the weather warms up, I may try it!

Surprise! The carrots I planted in the fall never grew much, so I experimented with wintering them over to see if they'd grow again in the spring.
They are still alive, peeking out from under their mulch!

The rose bushes came with instructions not to trim them until early spring.
That enabled me to see dried rose buds against the snow.
How cute!

I love these little reminders that there's only 38 days until Spring!

However, the sun is setting and it's only 29 degrees out, so I'll leave Heartstrings to faithfully guard the garden and get back inside for some warm soup!

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