The Potager

The Potager

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A gift!

 My husband was offered a load of decking wood that was going to be thrown away.

He loaded it into his van and brought it home and this spring it will be made into the annex to the Potager.

The rest of you can get hot house or imported roses and a box of Chocolates for Valentine's Day. The promise of a garden to come is true romance to me!

I have been longing to have a garden to the side of the Potager where I could grow perennial herbs and flowers without using up the fenced in areas that I need for deer protection.

Deer don't seem to eat many herbs and perennial flowers, so I am hoping that this annex can be fence free, or at least have a low fence.

I'm thinking of chives, thyme, oregano and mint, along with lavender,  Bee Balm, coneflowers, foxglove and daisies.
And some cat mint for the kitties, and the bird bath I got for Christmas for the birds.

And maybe a chair or two for relaxing amongst the blooms and scents.

Nothing says " I love you"  like a dream of gardens to come!

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