The Potager

The Potager

Friday, July 15, 2011

Foodie Friday - Goat Cheese and Honey with Basil

I realize I keep doing herbs - I'll get to other garden produce, I promise!
I was getting a pedicure a few weeks ago and picked up a magazine from the waiting area to leaf through while I relaxed. It was Martha Stewart's Whole Living Magazine. I had never heard of it. I am a big Martha Stewart fan, but I don't think I'll subscribe to this one. However there was an article on sandwiches that caught my eye and I loved the Goat Cheese and Honey sandwich.
I had all the ingredients, so I think I ate it for a week straight at work. It was so good!
You make this with toasted whole grain english muffins, goat cheese, honey walnuts and basil. I used the purple basil from the Perennial/Herb garden, just because.
You spread the goat cheese on the warm muffin halves, add the walnuts and basil and drizzle the whole thing with honey.
So easy and so good!
Support your local apiary when possible.  Much of the honey sold in supermarkets and even in some farm stands is not local honey. Some honey is made from bees who are fed a diet of corn syrup. Bees free to feed from local crops make the most flavorful honey.  Did you know that local honey from a farm in your area will contain natural local pollen which will help your immune system to cope with locally-induced allergies? Many local farmers are dependent on the honey bee pollinating their crops. Local bee-keepers are critical to the production of local food. We have all heard of the struggle bee-keepers are having with the Colony Collapse Disorder and other problems plaguing honey bees. Let's support them by buying local only!
This is a honey bee. If you see them, don't kill them!


  1. All I need is some goat cheese. Basil from garden, check. English muffin, check. Wolf River Honey (local), check. Maybe a schmeer of cream cheese with a little feta sprinkled on it would give sufficient flavor zing in lieu of the goat cheese. Thanks for sharing. I'll be trying this tomorrow.

  2. That looks like a perfect summer breakfast to eat while sitting in your lovely potager.Thanks for sharing!