The Potager

The Potager

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trying to fit a day into one morning

Our church has Vacation Bible School this week and I am one of the teachers. This means all this week I leave the house before 9 in the morning and usually get home at 9:30 from VBS.
It's good to be stretched.
I am trying to clean the house, make breakfast, pack lunches, do laundry, pay bills and prep for my husbands dinner before work. Hubs has stepped up to help me with the garden. He is watering it everyday. Being hubs, he made a device that hooks up to the hose enabling him to water the garden without ever going in the garden. I cracked up when I saw this:
He is creative.
I enjoy getting up close and personal with the plants, so I will not be using this when I get back to the garden. If I had been watering I would have noticed that I had plants that needed picking. While taking these shots I saw the cucumbers and then noticed the white scallop squash:
That squash is about 8 inches across - that's a bit large for that squash! I picked three green cucumbers and two white cucumbers.
I made cucumber salad with two of the cukes.
I then went back outside to water the hanging plants and patio plants which I realized hubs wasn't watering. In the Perennial/Herb Garden I found three more 8 ball zucchini ready to be picked. That makes 6 of these I've harvested so far. I love this zucchini!
When I got back inside I could smell something burning. I had made some banana bread with some soft bananas I had laying around, but I knew it hadn't been in the oven an hour yet. I opened the oven and, yep, it was the banana bread burning. I had set the oven temperature at 450 instead of 350!

I am really enjoying Vacation Bible School, but I am looking forward to this insane schedule being over!

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