The Potager

The Potager

Friday, August 19, 2011

Foodie Friday - Roasted Tomato Sauce

We all have them, those tomatoes that have a spot or two, or big cracks, or that just don't look pretty. Here's what I  did with mine. I cut them up, keeping the good parts and getting rid of the wonky parts. I chopped up some peppers from my garden (not as many bad looking ones, but they would work in this recipe too) and some garlic and an onion or two and mixed them all in a metal baking pan with extra virgin olive oil - about 1/4 cup. I then sprinkled on salt and some crushed red pepper flakes.
This went into my oven at 375 for an hour.
It ended up looking like this:

I then stirred in a lot of basil and some oregano from my garden and put it back into the oven for another half hour. When I took it out it looked like this:
This got dumped into my food processor and was processed until smooth.
We mixed it with pasta for a yummy meal, but this would also be great as a pizza sauce. There's a lot of olive oil in it so I would only make it occasionally, but the taste was out of this world.


  1. I did this exact same thing earlier this week! However, my finished product came out looking kind of like mud (not a very appetizing appearance!). I think I needed a higher percentage of tomatoes (I had also used an eggplant and a good many green and yellow peppers -- and some of the tomatoes were cherokee purples and green zebras). To serve I stirred in a can of diced tomatoes and some pesto, which "brightened" it up a bit -- my husband and I could have handled the mud look, but the kids . . . .

    But yours looks delish!

  2. That's so funny Diana! You gotta watch those color combos! Or freeze it to serve on Halloween, the one night of the year when kids will gladly eat "Mud Covered Worms" (your sauce + spaghetti!)