The Potager

The Potager

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Square Foot Garden versus the Squash

I have long followed Mel Bartholomew's Square Foot Gardening methods. I space the plants out so I am getting the biggest bang for my available space.
However, Mel must not be growing the same kind of summer squash as me. According to the Square Foot Gardening book and website, a summer squash bush needs a 3' x 3' space.
So I gave my white scallop squash that much room when I planted the seeds.
And it grew well in the space. Really well.
3 x 3 couldn't contain it. It is now spilling into the path, winding through the peppers and engulfing the eggplants.
It has gone through the fence in the back and is laying on the strawberries.
It has gone through the fence on the side and has invaded the perennial/herb garden.
3' x 3' Mel Bartholomew? More like 6' x 6' for my squash!
I'm not complaining. I love searching for the squash and finding one I hadn't seen the day before.
Square Foot Garden versus Squash? Squash wins!

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  1. Too funny Debbie. I am pretty sure that Mel didn't have any Summer or Winter Squash in his garden! I do love them for there amazing growth. I have two plants of MArina di Chioggia and thay are about to take over the whole garden this year. Fun stuff!