The Potager

The Potager

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My daughter went to Toronto and all I got was...

Let me start by saying I didn't want anything from Canada. I have enough things in my home. But being the thoughtful daughter she is, when she went on the tour of the Steam Whistle Brewery and found out that the cups they serve the sample beer in are 100% compostable, she immediately thought of me and brought them home for my compost pile.  I love it!
Steam Whistle Brewery uses all natural ingredients in its beer and renewable resources in its brewery. It has won awards for being green. If I drank beer, I'd probably lean toward a conscientious company like Steam Whistle.
In the meantime, I will proudly add their cups to my compost pile. They are supposed to break down in 50 days.

We'll check back on them in two years. I use a three bin pile, so the current pile will be stewing and composting next year. I have no intention of digging through it to see if the cups have decomposed.
But hat's off to a company that cares, and thanks to my daughter who hears compostable and thinks of mom! <3

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