The Potager

The Potager

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Attack of the Killer Cucumbers!

Over grown beans
I have been so busy with wedding projects that I hadn't been in my garden for two weeks. Other than weeds and string beans that should have been picked weeks ago, things actually looked pretty good.  The swiss chard was tall and healthy looking, the tomatoes and eggplants looked right on schedule, there are baby squash and the okra looks ready to bloom. Everything looks great except...
Except my Cucumber plants have taken over my pepper bed!
My thought was that peppers need shade, the cucumbers will climb the fence and provide shade. Everyone will be happy.

I neglected to train the cucumbers up the fence and being cucumbers, they have just grown everywhere!
There is a pepper plant next to each of those posts, drowning amid cucumber leaves.

I will try and free them when I am able to work in the garden again.

Or maybe they can grow together. 

I may have to find out since I'm having surgery and won't be working in the garden for a week or two.

If there are no new peppers then, I'll have to take drastic action. I think I have enough cucumbers to lose a few.

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