The Potager

The Potager

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Japanese Invasion

The Potager, end of July 2013. It looks so peaceful. But...
I have been invaded.
My Zinnia's are covered with Japanese Beetles!
Ewww! Well at least it's only on my zinnias and not in my vegetables...yet!
I had planted Four O'Clocks to combat these beetles. I had read somewhere that they attract Japenese Beetles, who will feed from them and then be poisoned and die!
Pretty, but deadly! Or so I read.
I hope it's not poisonous to the bees that are always around it! I have never seen a Japanese Beetle on this plant. Maybe I received bad information. Or maybe the Japanese Beetles read the same thing and agreed to avoid the plant.
Or maybe it's because Four O'Clocks spend most of the day with their flowers closed up. Talk about sleeping in! I should look at night and see if any Japanese Beetles are visiting.
Not wanting a full scale invasion I am back to the tried and true method of knocking the beetles into a jar of soapy water. Not as cool as a poisonous decoy plant, but effective.

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