The Potager

The Potager

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Melon Patch

When I planted melons, my husband said they would take over the garden. I told him I would contain them. While it seems a daily battle to keep them somewhat neat, I love the look of the melon patch spilling over into the paths.
I stuck in a makeshift fence for them to climb to contain them somewhat. Within 15 minutes they had wrapped their tendrils around the wire fencing.
I have cut off some vines that threaten to obscure the path and I make use of ground staples to gently guide the vines where I want them to go.
 But in spite of my best efforts, the vines spill out and happily grow everywhere.
And the melons grow daily! We will be sick of melons by the end of the summer!

But I'm hooked.

I love the melon plants in my potager.

This year cantaloupe, next year I would like to add honeydew and watermelon.

I may need a bigger garden!

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