The Potager

The Potager

Monday, July 26, 2010

Stormy Weather

Yesterday evening, around supper time, a storm blew through. The rain barrel was overflowing within minutes and the husband and I were on the porch watching the lightning.
Did you know lightning is good for a garden? Apparently the electric charge of lightning causes the nitrogen particles in the air to bond with the oxygen particles and form nitrogen oxides. These in turn attach to a rain drop and fall to the earth, naturally fertilizing the garden. This is why your garden will look so much greener after a thunderstorm.
However, the heavy rain and wind did a bit more damage as Binx and I discovered as we toured the garden this morning. The squash plants are beaten down, but they will pop back up on their on.

This poor little pepper plant was weighed down by the peppers.

A quick stake to support it and it will be fine.

This Ugli Tomato plant, which is over five feet tall and is in a cage, was a bit of a surprise. While I supported it back upright with some stakes, I'm a bit worried about how shallow the root system must be for something that large to topple.

Time will tell if this one survives the storm.

Gardening is God's way of teaching patience.

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