The Potager

The Potager

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The garden path

Come into the Potager and meander around it's paths.

 In the center of the garden there are four beds, 3' by 6'. The entire garden is surrounded by a 2' deep bed .     

The front gate opens to the center path which goes through the garden to the back perennial beds. to the left are two center beds with squash, to the right are one center bed of peppers and one center bed of melons.

In the center is a flower pot and my whirly gig and in the far back is Heartstrings, looking over the garden.

This is the first path that intersects the center path. We are overlooking tomato plants down the path to my Three Sister Bed of corn, beans and pumpkin.

This is the second path to intersect the center path. It too is in the center of the Potager. Looking out from the bench, the peppers are to the left, the melons to the right.
Beyond the flower pot, the eight ball zucchini is to the left and the golden zucchini is to the right.
At the end of the path is one of two faucets my husband surprised me with in the garden. He cleverly put a hook above them so I don't have to hold the watering can while filling it. In the beds along the fence there are cucumbers to the right and basil to the left. And flowers tucked in here and there.
Beyond my garden you can see the sad remains of my old garden. This will become a lawn, hopefully this fall.

This is the third path that intersects the center path. The melons and golden zucchini are to the left. To the right is dill, greek oregano, roses in the close bed, and roses, wax beans and jalapenos in the far bed. The end of the row has flowers and cucumbers.
The low fence on the left separates this part of the potager from the back section which is going to be my perennial beds.

And this is the back path in the future perennial bed.
Since I got a late start and couldn't put in the perennials, now there is the two Ugli tomato plants (or as I like to call them, the Plants that took over the garden), zinnias and morning glories to the left and petunias to the right.
I love the way the petunias spill over the beds, so some strawberries will be replaced with petunias next spring.
I also love looking into the center path and seeing the zinnias in the back, so flowers will replace some of the asparagus next year.
At the end of this path is the second faucet and a clever fold down table made by my talented husband.  And a little blue Fisher-Price chair that was used by my 26 year old son when he was a toddler.

And this is a look back, looking over the zinnias back to the front gate toward the house.

There are also two paths on either side of the center islands, but it seemed a bit redundant to show you them.

Thanks for meandering around my garden with me!

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  1. You have a gorgeous garden! It is well laid out to make working convenient. It is the most striking kitchen garden I have ever seen!