The Potager

The Potager

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jelly from the Potager


16 Jalapenos and one green bell pepper from the Potager equals 7 jars of yummy Jalapeno Jelly!

I have never made Jalapeno Jelly before so I did an internet search and chose this recipe from All Recipes:  

12 Jalapenos, seeds included, and one green pepper (which I seeded) went into the food processor and were processed until finely chopped.

The peppers were boiled with apple cider vinegar for 15 to 20 minutes.
The steam filled the house with hot pepper. My eyes were tearing.

The pulp is then drained. Only the juice produced is used for the jelly.  I strained it through two layers of cheesecloth in a sieve. For some reason, you are not supposed to squeeze the juice out, just use what naturally drips out.

The juice is then mixed with an obscene amount of sugar and a pinch of salt and brought to a rolling boil. It boils for one minute, then liquid pectin is added. The four remaining jalapenos are seeded and diced and added to the liquid.
Then everything is put into sterilized jars and sealed in a hot water bath for 5 minutes ( or so - I had 5 half cup jars that sealed after 5 minutes, but the two 8 oz. jars did not, so they went back into the hot water bath for another 5 minutes.) When the jars come out the inner lids "ping" and then they are sealed. But you are supposed to leave them out for 24 hours, then unscrew the ring and turn them upside down and make sure the inner lid is sealed. All mine were.

One little dab of jalapeno jelly on cream cheese on a cracker. The first bite is sweet ("Jelly!") then the jalapeno kicks in! Not horribly hot, but the cream cheese probably helps in that area.
Yummy. They are addicting.

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