The Potager

The Potager

Friday, March 16, 2012

Foodie Friday - First Harvest

This has been a wonderful week, weather wise.  It climbed into the 70's Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. My hubby and I have new bikes so we  have been enjoying taking a ride after work. And with daylight savings time, I still had time to turn over and prepare 4 of my 8 beds.
Thursday, I was talking to my son and he was saying how beautiful it was outside (73 degrees!). But here, only an hour away from where he lives, it had been cold and damp all day, never even reaching 63 degrees, a very certain reminder that it is still late winter. The kind of day that called for comfort food.
As I cooked beans and rice for dinner, I remembered that in the Potager there is some self seeded cilantro! I somehow never got to planting it in the fall, but nature took care of that for me.
So I harvested most of the cilantro and sprinkled it on the beans and rice.
The recipe I used was just from the back of the Goya can - it was delicious. I used organic red peppers instead of green because that's what I had. Hubby is a meat and potato man, yet he had seconds and said he didn't even miss the meat. We both agreed that what set it over the top was the fresh cilantro! Yummy!

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