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The Potager

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Philadelphia International Flower Show

My older daughter and I went to the Philadelphia International Flower Show yesterday. It was a beautiful day to be out and about (and not at work)! We were able to walk from the parking lot to the convention center, and stroll around the block to Starbucks when we needed a break, without coats on. Lovely!
The theme this year was Hawaii, and there was plenty of orchids and tropical plants.

And Hawaiian Dancers
Me, by orchids, inside the big wave at the entrance
My beautiful daughter by some tropical plants

But I do not live in a tropical paradise and so I quickly found landscapes that spoke to my heart. I loved this little path through spring bulbs. I think paths invite you into a garden to explore. Of course, tulips are major deer food around here, if the squirrels haven't gotten them first, so I could never get this look.
But don't you just want to wander up that path and see where it brings you?

There were plenty of vegetable patches. Most in neat little rows, some all interplanted, and there was a wall full of lettuce! My daughter and I joked that the wall would be chewed up as high as a bunny could reach.
Cool tomato support system

So perfect - in a perfect world with no deer or rabbits
These turnips had to have been 8 inches across!
I just loved all the garden displays. I took photos of cold frames because I do so desperately want to build some cold frames and harvest greens through the winter. A gentleman suggested to me that I could find old windows on Craig's list. I may start looking.

And I fell in love with this shed - it's big enough for my husband's lawn mower and other man stuff and still room enough for my gardening supplies - and has a side door so I wouldn't have to climb over the lawn mower to reach the rake like I do now. 

Isn't it perfect? It's on clearance for only $6599.00! Sigh. Perfection has a price. One that I cannot afford.

I also did some shopping while at the flower show, of course! I got some seeds, my favorite gardening gloves 3 for $20.00, a cool garden broom that is like a cross between a broom and a rake for $20.00, 3 dozen roses for $10.00, some garden flags for the front of the house and this cute bird bath, which at $39.95 may not have been a steal, but it supported the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, which hosts the Flower Show, so I'm good with that.

We also found a free wine tasting area - not just wine, but wines and spirits. I am not sure what that has to do with flowers, but it was a nice break for us. My favorite wasn't any of the wines, but a mojito. I am famous (in my family) for making a great mojito with my homegrown mint. (My secret ingredient is simple syrup as opposed to sugar). The sample mojito used sugar (you can taste the difference) and was a bit sweet - very tasty, but not as good as mine. But it reminded me of summer and the wonderful weekend mojitos to come! Yum!

We ended the day at a special event called Wedding Wednesday, because my darling daughter is getting married in my backyard!!! More about that later. 
We tasted champagne and cake (I had the best cake I have ever had - I couldn't figure out what made it so good. It looked like a pound cake with white frosting. It was actually a peach cake. Very subtle - really good. ). We also tasted food from a caterer that was not really good. You would think you'd bring your best to an event like this. All in all, we were looking for flower ideas and there were not very many florists, and not too much creativity. Really? At a flower show? 
I understand someone was getting married that night at the event, which my daughter and I both agreed was kind of sad and impersonal, so we didn't stay for that. We did make leis at the wedding event which was cool.
My daughter putting on her finished lei
All in all it was a lovely day and lovely to spend that much time with my beautiful daughter. The flower show runs through Sunday, March 11, if you have a chance to attend. It is so worth it.

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