The Potager

The Potager

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One Week Later

Radishes - you have to love them. I planted radishes on March 17.  4 days later I saw this:
By the end of the week there was green in my garden!
 Yes, they need to be thinned (they were old seeds and I wasn't sure they would germinate) and yes those are sunflowers volunteering in their midst. The sunflowers will be moved. But if you are longing for green in the garden, radishes are the way to go.

The radishes aren't the only green out there! The Arugula came up the same time as the radishes (no wonder they call it rocket!) and while it's not as large leafed, I was impressed with the speed of germination.
And my asparagus is starting to come up. I should be able to grab a few this year, only there are only four showing right now. That wouldn't be a meal!  It's early yet. I can wait.
Although it looks like nothing's happening, the turnips, pak choi, spinach, peas and lettuce have all come up.
Unfortunately there seems to be as much green in my pathway as in the beds. We need to replace the mulch this year. It has decomposed to the point that things are growing in it.
So that's the garden update. Mr. Binx and I will keep watching for signs of new growth and let you know about it. Mr. Binx is a well behaved garden cat who has never stepped foot in any beds. His "brother" Smokey would use the beds as a litter box in an instant which is why he is banned from the garden.
In retaliation he uses all other beds as litter boxes. Sigh.

I am linking this up to  at An Oregon Cottage. Check out what other gardeners are doing this week. It is inspiring!


  1. I love the design of your potager garden, it must be sheer delight working it and then gathering the bounty.
    I am a new follower and look forward to seeing the progress of your potager.

  2. Looks like you have a great helper!