The Potager

The Potager

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Wagon Ho! - A New Garden Bed

I think most gardeners would tell you there is never enough room (or time or money) for everything you want to grow in the garden. I had table and chairs by the red doors in my garden last year, but we rarely sat out there because there were too many bugs out there.
So this year I had my husband make another bed out there for some fall crops. I had started my brussel sprouts indoors in mid June. By late June hubby had built the frame for my new bed.
It took a few more weeks until I was able to fill the bed with dirt. I put a layer of peat moss in the bottom of the bed and then added dirt from our dirt pile (dirt removed from other beds and stored in a pile next to our compost pile).

 I then topped that off with compost and some store bought garden soil, because our soil is lacking in organic matter even with the compost added.
 The brussel sprout seedlings with planted along with a row of rutabaga seeds.

Then hubby made a support for a hoop tunnel. These are cole crops and they are outside the fenced in garden. I figured I could keep insects and varmints out with a lightweight row cover hoop tunnel that could stay in place until harvest time.
 I have to admit that hubby's design was brilliant! He used some flex piping that he had left over from a job - it was all scrap. Unfortunately, I did not have enough floating row cover to cover the frame, so I laid the floating row cover I had on the plants.
 Finally this week I got the lightweight row cover and put it on. The rutabagas are up, the brussel sprouts have doubled in size and the bed is now safe and protected. We call it the covered wagon bed.
The row cover is held down with bricks that are laying by the woods from an old patio we removed years ago. As I was gathering bricks, I spotted some small blueberries and looked closer. sure enough we have a little wild blueberry bush in our backyard! What a happy surprise!

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