The Potager

The Potager

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Another bad weekend - weather wise

I keep saying "Next weekend it will be warmer, it can wait one more week." And then again we get a freeze warning for our area.
Last week I covered the seedlings with straw and they survived well. Some of my other plants did not fare so well -
Last week
Still good things are happening in the Potager. My son gave me an early Mother's Day gift yesterday by giving me a day of manual labor. He and his Dad built boxes, hauled dirt and just about finished the garden for me to plant in. I left work early and my son and I planted one of the beds. It was so cold outside. My son said, "It might snow tomorrow. Will the seeds be okay if it snows?"
I told him, "I think so. I don't really know." He said "I thought you know these things."
 I smiled and replied, "What I lack in knowledge, I make up in joy."
It is true. I may never be a master gardener, but I am all smiles when I am in the garden.
My early Mother's Day Gift

Today is cold and rainy, no snow yet - although occasionally I see large white frozen rain mixed in.
I put the straw back on my beds to protect the young plants. Even without snow, the temperature is supposed to drop to 26 tonight.

I love the smell of straw. It's so ... earthy. I also put straw over the emerging asparagus. I didn't do that last week and lost them all.

Last week when it was too cold to work in the garden, I transplanted the bell peppers that were failing to thrive into bigger containers and used potting soil. What a difference!
 They doubled in size and their true leaves finally came out. I planted these on Valentine's day. Peppers can be so slow growing! I'm sure they would be better in a warmer environment under grow lights, but I have what I have at this time. Hopefully they will continue to do well and be ready for transplant at the right time.
I also transplanted my tomatoes, which were getting leggy and they look happy now.
I had to put some pots upstairs in my sewing room because I ran out of windowsill space in my dining room. The dinosaur kale and spaghetti squash I planted last week just came up through the soil today.
I took advantage of the rainy day today to sew a bit. I would like to show you my sewing room - non garden related, but lovely nonetheless.
We just redid it this winter. I am thrilled with how it turned out.  
It is so organized and easy to work in.
I painted an old frame, had hubby secure some pegboard and added pegs for my threads. 
We hung my embroidery hoops on an old coat hook.
All my scissors are hanging right above my cutting board. And bulletin boards for ideas. 
Um, I guess I'm idea-less at this moment.
This was a Ballard Design rip-off. Hubby cut out the arrows and I wood-burned them.
The other side of the room has the old antique rope bed my daughter slept in while growing up. 
It's tall and only 3/4 size.  
Above the bed hangs a ladder I took from my Dad's shop when he retired. It's old and worn and splattered in paint. I love it. I bought two different styles of picture frames from IKEA which fit in each rung perfectly. I still haven't printed out pictures for them yet.

And over the bed I painted a definition of Selah I saw on An Oregon Cottage
in another IKEA frame. (Don't you just love IKEA? My sewing chair is from there also.)

There's plenty of room for the ironing board when sewing. I also do yoga in this room in the morning. All my fabric and supplies are neatly stored in the closet.
But my favorite part of this room is the view I have when I am sewing.


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