The Potager

The Potager

Monday, April 4, 2016

Tundra Swans

Where we live we are visited by Tundra Swans each winter. Hubby and I go out into the woods in our jeep to see them in the bogs that are hidden from all those without four wheel drive, or scoot down the road to Whitesbog Village, where anyone can view them.
So beautiful. Tundra swans mate for life. They carefully choose a mate and will not mate with another. It may take eight years for a tundra swan to choose another mate if theirs dies, some never mating again. True love? Probably not, but it is romantic to me.
Also romantic is my hubby. He carved a pair of tundra swans with their beaks making a heart shape for our gate. He said it represents us - mated for life. Isn't he sweet? (And talented)
The tundra swans are most likely headed back to the tundra by April, but if you are in the area in next winter, you should stop by Whitesbog Village and see them. Magnificent.
The two on my gate will be here year round!

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