The Potager

The Potager

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Hello April!

Gardening season has begun and there are changes being made, all for the better. Hubby noticed last year that it was hard to move a loaded wheelbarrow around the potager because the aisles were so narrow and shaped with odd corners. He felt that since we were now in our sixties (sixties!! how did that happen?) that we should have wider aisles that are easier to maneuver. He told me to think outside the box, so I came up with a plan and now we are redoing the whole garden. I will have more places to plant, but right now, it is not really blog worthy.
However, three beds have been planted in the hopes that the fence will be completed before the plants get big enough to attract the attention of the rabbits and deer.
My arugula is up. But only half the bed. I used two different left-over packs, and I fear one may have been too old. I'll give it another week and then go buy more arugula seed.
The english peas are poking up out of the ground. I planted two varieties, Little Marvel and Green Arrow. Both are up.
 I planed carrots and radishes in a bed which will also hold my leeks. One radish pack was from 2011 and did not come up. These Salad Rose radishes are from a package marked 2014, and they are all up. Hubby is always telling me to buy fresh seed, but I hate the thought of wasting seeds if they can be used again. Maybe 5 years was pushing it with the radishes. You don't know unless you try.
Inside, my bay window has tomato, bell pepper, leek and onion seedlings which are being protected from the cats with a messy array. My cats love to lay in this window and catch the sun, but that doesn't go well with seedlings growing.

opalka paste tomatoes
king of the north peppers - planted around valentine's day, just not thriving
jalapenos, in a different window and getting too leggy from lack of light

This weekend I am starting some flowers and my squashes inside from seed. I was going to plant two more outside beds but the northeast is getting a cold spell and I don't want to worry about too many plants outside. The beds can wait one more week.

There will be more to see in the coming weeks. I hope you are as happy as I am that Spring has finally come!

"O Day after day we can't help growing older.
Year after year spring can't help seeming younger."
-Wang Wei

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