The Potager

The Potager

Friday, April 22, 2011

2 weeks before last frost

Happy Earth Day! It's about two weeks before last frost. Some sources say it's a week past last frost. But I know my area. We can have light frosts up until the second week of May.
This week I planted items that said "plant two weeks before your last frost". I've always found that funny. You never really know it was your last until weeks later.

The bed in the front of this picture is the bed with the English peas and turnips. There was also supposed to be oak leaf lettuce growing inside the pea tee-pee, but it never came up. I planted a Mesclun mix in front of the turnips.
In the bed behind it the snow peas, swiss chard and Freckles lettuce are all doing well.

Under the floating row cover I planted cabbage and broccoli. Neither will need pollination, so they will spend their life under the row cover in an attempt to thwart the cabbage moths and their caterpillars. The seedlings seemed a bit small compared to what I'm seeing in the garden centers. I'm sure they will catch up.
I tried to give some marigolds a head start and planted them early with a water jug cloche to keep them a little warmer.

The garlic is continuing to look healthy. The spinach, onions, carrots and radishes in this bed all are looking good.
But once again the beets have failed. I have a hard time with beets. Swiss chard does fine and it's in the same family.  It's a mystery to me.
I will have to think of something else to plant in that 2 square foot  beet bed.

In the front bed, by the gate, I planted scallions and lettuces. The ones you see growing are the ones I started indoors.

Excuse the messy back yard!

Speaking of the front gate, it was getting a bit wobbly, so hubby reinforced it. It's very sturdy now - and apparently cat proof.

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