The Potager

The Potager

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The rain came down and the flood came up

While not of Biblical proportions, it poured on Saturday night.
With our sandy Pine Barren soil, it was all drained by the time we got up Sunday morning, but the evidence of the depth of the flood was all over the potager.

It was 2 -3 " deep in all the paths and a lot of soil was washed out of the boxes.

The flood ran in from the back and out the front gate.

The winter sown flowers took a boat trip! They ended up in different places from where they had been living for the past few months.
It's a good thing they are growing now and I can identify them, because the permanent marker I used on the jugs disappeared early on and I only knew what was in the jugs because of the order they were in. Not one was in the order it was originally in. Even the two left next to the box had reversed!

But everything seems to have survived.  The seeds that had not yet sprouted have started popping up - not washed away as I had feared. The garden got a good watering!

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