The Potager

The Potager

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Raspberry Bed is in

Sunday afternoon I finally planted the raspberries I got bought last month. Why the wait?

Soil - or our lack thereof.

Hubby built the box when he built the asparagus box.
I amended the asparagus box with compost, and so had a bit of extra soil to throw in this box.
I had some left over potting soil after re-potting the peppers and I found half a bag of garden soil in the shed... they went in the box.
Half a bag of manure and some compost went in the bed. It still wasn't deep enough. And then hubby, bless his soul, bought home three buckets of top soil from a job he was on that finally filled the box.
So the raspberries are now tucked behind the potager.
Hubby will add poles on either end to create supports for the vines.
Fresh raspberries!  My mouth is watering already.

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