The Potager

The Potager

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Perennial/Herb garden is shaping up

With all the rainy Saturdays, we still haven't gotten the fence yet, but hubby did make the two raised beds for the addition to the Potager:
He brought home load of dirt from the dump. Sadly, it looks better than my garden soil inside the Potager. The boxes are 2 feet deep and 3 feet deep. This bed is going to hold perennial herbs and flowers that, hopefully, the deer won't eat, with some vegetables tucked in that, hopefully, the deer won't find. The fence we are getting is going to be ornamental, not deer proof.
Saturday was cold and rainy, then Easter Sunday was hot - high 80's. We had a good time with family, but no gardening was done. So right after work on Monday, I changed my clothes and went out into the Potager.

I took the Greek oregano out of the Potager and planted a bit of it here, along with some sage and rosemary.
I still need to get some chives and thyme, and whatever else interests me that I can squeeze in this box.
The bigger box will hold squash or something similar.

Smokey joined me in the garden, finding a cool spot to nap on the slate under the planter box.

I planted Nasturtiums in the box and weeded the beds.

Finally hubby said I needed to stop working so we could eat.  I think on beautiful days like this I could skip dinner and just stay working in the garden until dark. But I stopped and went inside to work on dinner.

Dinner, did somebody mention dinner?

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  1. Your Garden is looking very nice. I have to make a comment, your cat looks just like our cat, Simon. He is an indoor cat but that could be his twin!