The Potager

The Potager

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Garlic Harvest

This was such a warm winter that my garlic grew all winter instead of coming up in the  spring. I noticed  the leaves starting to turn brown in late May. But I left it in there until I could see that it was truly ready to be pulled.
But I may have been a bit late.
Several of the bulbs have no paper/ or the cloves have come off.  The above photo shows one that is growing a new clove out of it's stem. These are signs that the garlic was harvested too late. I will not be able to store any garlic that is not enclosed in that papery covering. I will let them cure for a few weeks and see how they look as they dry.
I am curing them on a window screen over the 3 sided box my bird's cage sits in most of the year. The box is to contain his seeds. I decorated it so it's not just a box, and he can look out the window to the front. During the summer he is moved to the screened porch.
The unused box makes a perfect drying rack for the garlic. Well mostly unused. After I had moved the bird outside, I came back in to clean up the seed mess and found this:
(Sorry for the cell phone photo.) Now Binx is to be found here most mornings, under the garlic, enjoying the morning sun. It's not easy being a hard working garden cat!

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