The Potager

The Potager

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wedding Wednesday- We cleared the side yard

As I mentioned before, my daughter is getting married and having her reception in our back yard next year. I hope to occasionally keep you up to date with how we are preparing our modest backyard for the big event.
Shortsightedly, I never took a before photo, but my former flower garden was the overgrown mess between the patio and the fence in this old photo I found.
Hubby got his back hoe in there and totally cleared it out.
It looks so large now! We are getting a sprinkler system and having grass sown in the whole backyard, including this area. The bride-to-be plans on laying quilts on the grass in this shady area for guests to sit on and chat/take a break from the patio dance floor.
Hubby has already started adding his art to the fence. I love it!
I also love that I can once again see my Annabelle Hydrangea that was hidden for years behind a hedge of spindly lilacs, daylilies and weeds.
Next he and I will have to make beds around the perimeter and plant shade loving perennial plants that bloom in July. Any suggestions?

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