The Potager

The Potager

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Funday - Birdhouses

Hubby made me some decorative birdhouses for my Birthday.
Is this not the cutest birdhouse you have ever seen?

The day after he put them in the Perennial/Herb Garden, birds began flying in and out and bringing sticks.
Each of the three birdhouses is made of a cedar fence slat and so has a slightly rounded appearance. Each has a unique hole.  They are all different heights.

The birdhouses were a wonderful addition to the garden. I love them! (And the guy who made them for me!)
Hubby didn't make this birdhouse. I bought it in Cape May. But hubby did attach it to that pitchfork I bought at a yard sale last year that turned out to be totally useless.
How cute is that? The birds have been flying in and out of this one too. I once saw two fly in at the same time - one in the top hole and one in the bottom hole. Pretty funny birds.
But this one wasn't made for outdoors. It's already warping and coming apart at the seams.
(Just adds more of that rustic charm!) Still it is another nice addition to the garden.

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