The Potager

The Potager

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Let's Think of Something to do while we're waiting...

I watched way too much Mr. Rogers with my kids. That song keeps going through my mind as I look at my garden:
Pretty. . . , but I long to dig dirt. However Mr. Rogers would be proud of me, because I am thinking of something to do while I'm waiting. I am researching on the internet how to avoid some of the mistakes I made last year. Don't you just love the wealth of knowledge at our fingertips? Almost any question you have can be answered instantly!
There are also some very cool gardening tools I use and I thought I'd take this lull in gardening to introduce you to a few.

Do you know what zone you are in? If you enter your zip code at this site:  it will tell you.

How about your first and last frost dates by zip code? You can find it here:

When should you start your seeds, or put your plants out? Consult the grow guide at this site:

Want to try the ancient practice of planting by the moon signs? (Basically it's above ground vegetables when the moon is waxing and below ground vegetables when the moon is waning), you can check here to make sure it is the right time to plant:

Need help with a specific vegetable in your garden? Everything you need to know to grow it successfully is here:

Also, check out the blogs I follow to the right of my page ->
These women I have never met inspire me daily with their gardening skills.

So while the snow may continue to pile up, I will continue cyber-gardening and coming up with "something to do that's specific for you me" !

(Listen to Mr. Rogers sing at the link below)
Let's Think of Something to Do While We're Waiting

The internet is amazing!

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