The Potager

The Potager

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Magic Beans

We finally had a harvest of Royal Burgundy Bush Beans for dinner tonight. After the rabbit had mowed them down, I am thankful for even the small amount I harvested tonight. I simply added corn to them to stretch the amount. As you can see in my rather blurry photo, Royal Burgundy's are purple outside, but green inside.
I originally planted these beans years ago because they were purple. One cannot buy purple beans at the grocery store, so I thought it was cool. But I was won over by their flavor. I grew these with green beans one year and truly preferred the flavor of the Royal Burgundy. They are also very easy to grow. I have never had any problems getting a good harvest of Royal Burgundy -  until our rascally rabbit that is.
It would be really cool if they stayed purple when cooked, but they don't. Some kind of magic goes on and they turn green when cooked.
If you are looking for a new bean to plant in your garden next year, try Royal Burgundy. You won't be disappointed.

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