The Potager

The Potager

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday in the Garden

We had a very hot day today, over 100 degrees. All garden work was done early. I had removed the snow peas from the bed to the right front on friday morning before work. So today I added some amendments to the soil and planted the area with with bush beans - yellow pencil pod and dragon langerie.
All my pole beans seem to get sunscald, but most have recovered. I pulled out the few that looked like they were dying and replanted more in their place.
I was dismayed to see that some critter got into the Potager and ate my beautiful Freckles lettuce down to nothing and munched off the tops of my Royal BurgundyBeans.

I am hoping the lettuce will recover. But in this heat, it may not. The beans are fine, most of the flowers were untouched. What ever it was also nibbled on the tops of the parsnips, which I've heard is poisonous, so I'm hoping it is nursing a sore belly and will never again visit my Potager.

Fortunately, it didn't touch anything else. But I am not so naive to believe it will never return. It now knows there is tasty vegetables in there and it will be back.

I pulled the red onions up and let them dry in the sun.

I harvested 6 one ball squash, 2 eight ball zucchini (that were a little bit large), one unknown yellow squash, a few potatoes and I pulled up a few of my carrots to see how they were doing. Not so good. I am giving up on carrots. They are one of the cheaper organic foods in the grocery store. I don't have much luck with them in the garden.

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