The Potager

The Potager

Monday, March 28, 2011

Haste makes ...a big mess

It was a big busy weekend for me, I had my whole side of the family coming to celebrate my Dad turning 80.  There was no time to garden. However, the seedlings coming up did need a bit of watering. I dashed out with my watering can Saturday morning, lifted the handle on the yard hydrant in back of the Potager (as my garden faucets are not on yet) opened the valve to fill the can and sprayed icy cold water down the front of my jeans. I finished watering and went in the house to change and prepare for the party.
Did you notice what I did not do?
I did not put down the handle on the yard hydrant. While the valve was shut off and there was no water coming out of it, the water was still coming into the hydrant.
That night it went below freezing and the morning of the party, we woke up to a flooded yard. Oops!

In the background, with the red handle, is the yard hydrant I forgot to shut down.

There was water surrounding two sides of the potager.

And the paths on one side of the Potager were also flooded.

What a mess.

Normally I hang out looking at the garden when I get done with my chores and I normally would have noticed that I left the handle up.

It was not a normal weekend.

But in the end, the garden and it's surrounds dried out, the party was a success and everyone had a good time. Maybe not a normal weekend, but a really good one, nonetheless.

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