The Potager

The Potager

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Showing it's Age

This is the old planter that sits in the middle of the Potager. It once sat in my Great-Grandfather's yard.
It is old, perhaps as old as my father, or older. From this side you can see that it once had a rope like detail around the top. But that has all been worn away from decades of sitting outside.
This is my dad at three years old in 1934. He is at his Grandfather's house. Do you see the sheep lawn ornaments behind him? I have the one to the right of him, although the years have etched away the details.

The years have been hard on this planter too. My husband fixed a broken corner last year, but now this large crack has appeared in the lower corner. I'll ask hubby about patching it up. But I think it's time for this grand old pot to be spending it's winters somewhere warm - or at least sheltered.

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