The Potager

The Potager

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcome Spring!

 First day of Spring and the Crocuses bloomed today! I was just saying to my husband that we must have accidentally dug them up last summer. But here they are!

Some daffodils joined them! Hooray!
Spring has Sprung!

In the garden I planted another square foot of Turnips, 2 rows of Spinach and I put in some onion seedlings. It may be a bit early for the onion seedlings, but if they don't survive, I'll replace them. I didn't plant them all. This is my first year growing onions from seeds, so it is a learning process.
I planted the spinach in between the onions. They should be harvested before the onions need the space.

The radishes are already poking up through the soil, as are the turnips I planted last week!

No planting today as I'm cooking a birthday dinner for my Dad who turns 80 today! Next Sunday we will have a big family gathering to celebrate. So I'm hoping Saturday is warm and sunny so I can get the next bed turned over.

It's not easy being a weekend gardener.

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