The Potager

The Potager

Monday, March 14, 2011

A New Compost Pile

Perhaps only a gardener will understand my joy this week.
I have a new compost pile - no even better than that I have a new compost structure.
This is what my compost pile used to look like:
Slapped together by me, held up with concrete blocks and made out of anything I could find. The pile on the left used to have walls - they blew down in a storm.
Construction is not my strong suit.

This past week, my husband made a new compost structure.

Three three foot by three foot sections - one for putting scraps in, one that's "cooking" and one to use, with a cute picket fence front that is actually three gates to access the piles!
Loads of aeration from the netting on all sides.

And I think it is just pretty!

How brilliant is this? (And how cute that he put the picket fence around the sides too!)

I was so thrilled that I didn't mind at all moving the two existing piles into the new bin.

Here is a view of the gate opened in the "ready for garden" pile.

And instead of in the middle of the yard, it is tucked neatly next to the fence behind a little birch tree (that used to be behind the old compost). To the right is my leaf compost bin.  I cannot tell you how happy this scene makes me. I love my compost pile!


  1. I like your compost pile! Was looking for ideas for one, because I want to start one, found yours on Pinterest! :)

    1. Wow! I'm on Pinterest! Thank you!

  2. pinterest also led me here...your garden above is just gorgeous, btw! i came looking for compost bin ideas.

  3. another on for Pinterest :) Great husband you have there love the concept.

  4. Hi! Awesome bin! Would you mind posting a materials list? I think I have a good majority of it.