The Potager

The Potager

Monday, March 7, 2011

It's almost time....

Ahh, the first weekend in March! Gardening season is beginning to move from planning to doing. This first Saturday was cloudy but hovered around 60 degrees. I turned over the four central beds to prepare them for spring planting. I was surprised how workable the soil was, thanks to the layer of mulch I had added.

I even found several healthy looking worms, which thrilled me.
(I'm easily excited)

I removed the mulch from the garlic and replaced it with a layer of compost.

They look good. I hope they bulb up. I just read that if you choose a variety that's not locally grown, they may not bulb up. Who knows where my grocery store variety came from.

I also removed the mulch from the cilantro seedlings I had sown last fall and replaced it with a layer of compost.

I then bent some old flower supports into hoops and covered the cilantro with floating row cover. They are tender little seedlings and I don't want them to freeze.

Note to self - buy some ground staples. (Although the copper pipe withstood the wind and driving rain two nights later.)

Lastly I emptied the dirt from the antique cement planter in the middle and replaced it with fresh potting soil. I then covered it with plastic to warm the soil so I can plant sooner. I am going to seed Nasturtiums in there this spring.

So now we are ready for Spring. I keep changing my plans on where to put things so I can't share that with you yet. Just check back and see what's growing!

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