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The Potager

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Garden needs a fence - Update!

You may remember last week's post, A Garden Needs a Fence. Hubby and I were discussing how the fence was going to be put up and we decided that the entrance needed an Arbor.
Last Thursday, hubby had a few minutes to run to Lowes and look at the Arbors there. He was shocked at the prices. "They wanted $250.00 for an Arbor!", he told me later. Instead he went into the lumber section and bought $50.00 worth of cedar. He drew out a sketch and asked me if I wanted something like this:
I said "Yes!", of course. Then I asked him if I would be able to hang a basket of flowers from it to fill in until something grows big enough to cover it. He said "Sure! We can do that."
So Friday I came home from work and hubby asks me to come into the back garage (the one you see in the Potager pictures that has his work shop) and I see this:
Wow, he's started making it already! Mind you he only gets home from work an hour before I do. I was so surprised! I love the shape of the top. He asked me a few questions about how I wanted it and then worked on it for about an hour after dinner.
The next morning I went off to the greenhouse to buy flowers. I was gone, maybe an hour and a half. When I came home he had finished the Arbor and had installed it! Look how beautiful it is!

The fence isn't installed yet, we just had it leaning there to see how it would look. Do you see how he made a circle where the pots are
to match the circle of the gate?
I absolutely love this! What a talented husband I have! I am so blessed!

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  1. Oooh -- I love the arbor -- and the sunburst gate! My husband is also very good and handy, but not nearly so fast!

  2. It looks fabulous! He's a bit of an artist, isn't he, with the rounded details, etc. Your potager is coming right along--you should both be proud!

  3. Oh, my- I'd say you are! I love the arbor and how the fence will make the herb garden defined. Lovely.

    An Oregon Cottage