The Potager

The Potager

Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Update

This weekend I did a lot of work outside, not a lot in the Potager though. I promised hubby I would get some flowers planted out front. So I ran to Hallock's greenhouse in New Egypt. I have never been there this late in the season. The sides were off the green house and all the plants were on sale!!! All I can say is hubby is very lucky I don't have a larger car!
I did plant portulaca for hubby out front. (Another name for these is Moss Rose). I love these flowers - and the deer don't eat them. That's a big plus because every evening these guys come to our front yard to dine.
They don't eat the vinca, but there is something growing in there that they eat. They are accompanied by a lady. There barely take notice of you in the yard. I'm fine with them as long as they stay out of my backyard!
I also pulled out the pansies that were not doing so well on either side of the front door and put in red geraniums. The deer will eat these. But they have to come up to the house to do so. We've had deer on our porch before, but this years crop hasn't yet approached the house. (I probably should have swept the porch before taking the photo!)
I put flowers on my patio, inspired by the two pots I picked up at Lowes with the blue flowers and hot pink geraniums, I added a magenta geranium, a magenta verbena and a mandevilla, which is also supposed to be magenta when it blooms and should smell heavenly.  Do you see Smokey in the screened in porch?
Yes, he is sticking his tongue out at us.
I didn't ignore the Potager. The nasturiums I planted in my great-grandfather's planter all died. So I bought a lovely Gerbera Daisy. I also found a petunia volunteer in a garden bed I didn't weed (oops) and I popped that in there too.
And then I put some more geraniums in that little old wooden wagon by the entrance to the Potager. The wagon is falling apart and will probably not be around much longer. I planted the geraniums in an old tin bread box that is also in really bad shape, and in an old basket (with a pot inside) with some vinca snatched from the yard. I need to get some moss to fill in the empty spaces, but I am loving this "vignette"!
As you can see by my grass weeds, it has been really dry here. All around us people are getting rain. We keep missing it. That means an extra half hour to water all the new plants (there are more, but I'm saving them for another day).  Vegetables may feed the body, but flowers feed the soul. I am loving all my new plants.

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  1. I love your last comment - I always have some flowers mixed in with the vegetables. They look beautiful and make the garden that much more special.