The Potager

The Potager

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot!A vacation day for me!

Yes that was the temperature in the Potager today - at 6:30 PM! It was unbearably hot today. Very unusual for this early in the year. It's not even summer yet! I had scheduled a couple of days off work so a friend and I could celebrate our birthdays. Today was our day to go flea marketing. It was really not a good day for it - a lot of vendors were closing up shop by 10:00 AM because of the oppressive heat. But I found a few cute things, including this little garden tool:

To try to save my lettuce from the extreme heat, hubby rigged up this lattice shade cover.
The pak choi that was next to the lettuce was done on June 3rd and I cleaned out the 1' x 2' section of the garden it occupied, added some compost and lime and planted Royal Burgundy Bush Beans.
You can see them in their neat spacings before they were pushed down and covered with soil.

They sprouted up today. They are partially covered by the lattice also, so I hope they don't mind a little shade.

While at the flea market we met a gentleman selling organically raised herbs. I bought some and put them in the herb bed. I'm pretty sure I am over crowding the bed. Next year I'll move some to the larger bed right next to it, but for now the zucchini and spaghetti squash have started to grow there.
In the left corner of the herb bed I added garlic chives. These are close to the dill, but the dill is an annual, so I'm not concerned about that now. Behind the purple basil, between the sage and the greek oregano, I planted marjoram.
Between the chives and the thyme, behind the flat leaved parsley, I planted basil.
Between the thyme and the rosemary, I planted winter savory.
I also bought some lemon grass but haven't planted it yet. My friend looked at it and mentioned that it looked like a weed. And it did. The herb guy said to plant it in a pot so I could bring it inside for the winter.
I have never used lemon grass, but I am intrigued by it. It is widely used in Thai food and also Indian cuisine. It has the lemony flavor without the bite of a lemon.Some have said it has a hint of ginger. So I am going to give it a try. I need to get some potting soil and pot it up and see how it goes.

My friend gave me this lovely rain gauge for my birthday.
This evening we had a thunderstorm, so it will be put to use immediately!
The garden should look a little bit perked up tomorrow. It will be fun to see how much rain we got!
I hope the rain brings in cooler weather tomorrow. My friend and I are touring Rutger's Gardens!
Happy Birthday Sheila!

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