The Potager

The Potager

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Storm Damage

I was at work yesterday when a storm unlike any we've seen recently came through. Very high whipping winds, heavy rain and golf-ball sized hail pelted the office. Thunder and lightening sounded like it was right on top of us.
I was concerned for my garden, which is only a few miles away. (And concerned that I had left open some windows. Sigh.)
One of the first things I saw coming home was our dogwood tree, which had been full and thick, had been stripped of all it's older leaves, leaving only the smaller leaves and a "naked" looking tree. There were leaves and branches everywhere.
In the garden, it was obvious that the hail did the most damage.

The tomatoes had many broken branches and some small tomatoes fell off the plants. They will recover. I think the flexibility of the branches helped them survive the hail.
The sunflowers had holes ripped through the leaves.

But the worst hit was the squash - branches broken and holes in the leaves.
The hail was large, but not round. It had jagged edges.
Hubs scooped some hail into the freezer so I could take a photo of it for my blog.
It's about an inch wide with jagged edges. The hail at work a few miles away was at least twice this big.
The storm put our little town on the news last night. One man lost his life when a tree fell on his car, and several residents have major damage to their yards and homes. I am very fortunate that all I really have is minor leaf damage.

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