The Potager

The Potager

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Garden Update late June

Things that are happening in the Potager today are:

The tomatoes are growing and getting bigger.
We now have baby Amish Paste tomatoes.
This is a yellow pear cherry tomato - it was three inches tall when I planted it - it is growing in leaps and bounds now!
The red onions are starting to bulb.
The white onions are also forming bulbs.
The Eight-Ball Zucchini is looking good

The Spaghetti squash is sending out tendrils - I need to find out if it can climb successfully
The White Scallop Squash has recovered from the hail and is taking over this corner of the Potager. It's almost up to the top of the plastic fence.
And there are sweet little squashes forming!
We will be eating homegrown cole slaw on the fourth of July!
The cucumbers are taking over the fence - we had to add more fence for them to scramble across. The leaf damage was from the hail, not insects. It didn't seem to bother them at all.
The bell peppers are getting bigger.

The jalapenos have started forming
The Sweet Potatoes are starting to vine out.  I understand I don't want them to root so I will try training them up.  The operative word being try.
Our potatoes have flowers!
Not a piece of garden art, but more zucchini and yellow squash have been planted.
Our first sunflower (this was a volunteer)
The pansies are still going strong - I like the way they look next to the roses
The first Cosmos in bloom 
Marigolds planted from seed have bloomed. Others from the same pack of seeds have not and are much, much larger than these. Uh-oh. 
The Greek Oregano is about to bloom. It is the perfect time to harvest it for drying for the winter.  I need a morning off work! Or a weekend without parties.
The lemon grass is starting to bulk up. We smashed up a leaf broken by the hail and the lemon smell was amazing! I can't wait to use this.

The everbearing strawberries are not allowed to form runners.  Oops!
The raspberries are leaning toward the path. I need to get the posts up and constrain them. No flowers yet, but  a lot of new growth. If no raspberries this year, there will be some next year.
I know this was rather long and perhaps a bit boring, but thanks for staying 'til the end. 
I love visitors in my Potager!
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  1. garden pictures look awesome all seems to be growing great come see what I shared at

  2. Everything is looking beautiful! Nice work!

  3. What a glorious garden you have--just beautiful!

  4. oh yea it looks good, everything is growing! your red onions look nice! mine havent done so good!