The Potager

The Potager

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Give Peas a chance - or not

Ahh, the days of plentiful peas, weighing down the vines, plump and succulent! I remember this like it was last week!
It was last week, before the temperature climbed over 100.
I had an enjoyable pea harvest.

Then the heat did in the plants.
They are half yellow and not really producing any more peas.
I decided to pull them put to plant pole beans.
And then I see this this morning - flowers on the snow peas!

But the promise of four or five more peas isn't enough to save the plants. It's nice and cool today, but the hot weather is around the corner.

Out they will come. It's a shame that the hot weather came so quickly and intensely. I normally would have gotten a few more weeks from the plants.
But the good news is that I can plant peas for the fall harvest in early July. There will be peas on [my] earth!
(How corny can you get!)
What's the gardeners favorite novel?
War and Peas. 
(Pretty corny. I'm going to stop now.)

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  1. Sorry that the weather did in your pea crop so quickly. That's just not fair! At least you did get one lovely big harvest before the heat set in.