The Potager

The Potager

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A moment of panic

As I checked my Pak Choi for worms, I glanced to the right and saw...

Oh no! cabbage worms on my Radishes!!!
I really thought those holes in the leaves were flea beetles or something else.
In a panic, I looked at the radishes next to my broccoli.
Same holes, no worms. Arggh. Did they get inside my floating row cover? The floating row cover with the holes like this.... and this???
I quickly pulled up the row cover to take a peek!
The broccoli showed no signs of insect infestation and was large and healthy looking!
The cabbage was also healthy looking under the floating row cover. Whew!
The plants under the floating row cover are clean and non-infested and looking very healthy. This was a great idea to keep the pests away from my cole crops.  The row cover is no longer being supported by the arches I made but rather by the plants themselves. Sunlight and rain get to the plants, but no bugs. Thank goodness. I may actually get to eat some of these this year!

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